4×8 Permeable Paver


Storm water run off has become a major issue for municipalities through out the country; it is over burdening existing drainage infrastructure and is contributing to the contamination of rivers, lakes and ground water. The Tremron 4×8 Permeable Paver allows water to infiltrate through an oversized joint filled with small stones. It then runs through a unique sub base made up of open graded aggregates before it releases into the ground below. This reduces run off and helps filter the rain water as it reintroduces it back into the ground water supply.

The Tremron 4×8 Permeable paver has a classic shape of a traditional 4×8. It is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is available in Tremron’s standard colors. The 4×8 Permeable Paver is produced in an 80mm thickness and can be used in both residential and heavy vehicular applications. It can be given an antiqued finish to give it an extra old world look and feel. The Tremron 4×8 Permeable Paver can be installed in a traditional running bond pattern and a stylish 45 or 90 degree Herringbone. It is the newest member of the Tremron Permeable family and joins Turfblock, SF Rima and Aqua Paver to give Tremron the largest selection of Permeable Pavers on the market today.

Available Thickness :

  • 3 â…›” 4×8 Permeable Pavers (96 SF per Cube)