Pisa 2 Retaining Wall


RisiStone’s Pisa2 is a solid, modular concrete retaining wall system offering superior design flexibility, a desirable quarried stone appearance and one of the highest weight-per-square-foot strengths in the industry.
Easy to install and low maintenance, Pisa2 units are manufactured in pairs, face-to-face, and the surface is achieved by factory splitting to provide the rough finish.

The system requires no mortar or mechanical fasteners; it uses a patented shear connection that makes the units self-aligning and self-battering.

Available Sizes :

  • Wedge Block: 6″H x 12″D x 8″W (60 Units per Cube)
  • Jumper Block: 6″H x 12″D x 12″W (48 Units per Cube)
  • Corner Block: 6″H x 8″D x 20″W (24 Units per Cube)
  • Pisa2 Cap: 3″H x 12″D x 8″W (128 Units per Cube)