Stonehurst Brick Pavers


Patio. Driveway. Walkway. Outdoor kitchen. Pool surround. Which area of your home would you like to infuse with old world sophistication and rustic beauty?

Stonehurst brick pavers, available in two finishes and nine standard colors, provide an unrivaled solution to all of your hardscaping needs. The natural slate stone finish of these premium pavers give your home an elegant, upscale appearance.

Premium Stonehurst pavers should be your choice for projects requiring beauty, muted sophistication and longevity, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Your hardscape remodel and installation ideas need not be large and complicated, however, as these pavers can be used for entryway stairs, patios with outdoor fire pits, garden landscaping and any backyard design project, as well.


Available Thickness :

  • 6″x9″
  • 9″x9″
  • 9″x12″

Available Thickness :

  • 1″ Remodel Pavers (114 SF per Cube)
  • 2 â…œ” Full Size Pavers (116 SF per Cube)
  • 3 â…›” Full Size Pavers (93 SF per Cube)