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Artificial Turf

Sol Pavers Artificial Turf
Saving Money and Time

Switching to an artificial lawn lowers or eliminates expenses such as landscape irrigation, seeding, mowing, and fertilizing, as well as saves time and energy comparatively due to artificial turf’s minimal upkeep demands.

Sol Pavers Artifical Turf
Environmental Sustainability

Incorporating artificial grass into your residential landscape helps the environment! Turf will preserve water and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals.

Sol Pavers Artifical Turf
Higher Property Values

Real estate agents, custom builders, and landscape architects apply artificial grass to their designs and proposals to easily boost the value of a property and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Sol Pavers Artifical Turf
Full product Warranty

Our customers have peace of mind and quality assurance with our lifetime product warranty – Call us today to find out more.

Sol Pavers Artificial Turf
Pet Friendly!

We know our customers love their pets. And we love designing grasses perfectly suited for pet owners. From dog runs to potty pads, we design with pets in mind!

SoL Pavers Artifical Turf
Artificial Turf Landscapes

Landscape applications are what the majority of customers are investigating. Whether for residential or commercial, we’ll help you find a grass you’ll love!

Sol Pavers

Artifical Turf

Today’s artificial turf is not your grandmother’s green carpet – but instead a beautiful and meaningful addition to your landscape. Whether your desire is saved time, money, or added value to your property and curb appeal, synthetic grass is most likely the practical solution you have been looking for. Invest in your family by switching to an artificial lawn – so you can focus on the better things in life.

Comprehensive material quotes can be produced by any of our staff, or we can schedule you for a free in-home installation estimate!

We are happy to accommodate all budgets to the best of our ability, whether that be identifying the best products at the lowest retail value, assisting with landscape design and orientation to reduce material costs or providing information on our available financing solutions. 

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focuses on delivering expert service that prioritizes education and product transparency so that customers can feel confident in the value of their artificial grass.

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